Engagement Rings Made in Toronto

engagement ring toronto

Local Engagement Rings. Made in Toronto. 

We love our city. For this reason, we try and make all of our jewellery locally. Toronto is a wonderful place with so much culture and character. We feel it is important to give back to the city that has given us so much.  Making our jewellery locally has so many benefits, but most of all, it means we are supporting local artisans and helping the economy as best we can.  There are lots of great crafts people located all over the world. We are fortunate to have a really great group right here in Toronto.


Engagement rings require a lot of attention to detail. Having the right team in place and the ability to check in on the progress of our creations gives us more flexibility and more control over the overall quality of each individual piece. When we make our pieces locally, we check on the piece at every stage to make sure it has been done right.

Our Methodology

Here is what our typical process would look like for a given piece of jewellery. After the design of the engagement ring, we make sure to double check all of the parameters and goals we have set for the piece before actually printing it in a wax model. We then check the wax model again after it has been printed to make sure that all of the parameters are correct and that the wax has printed cleanly in order to have a nice metal casting made. We then cast the ring in the chosen metal.  The metal casting is checked after completion for overall quality. Next step would be to polish the ring and set any additional diamonds. All the while checking to insure the piece has been put together exactly the way we had envisioned.  We would then do a final polish to clean the ring of any superficial scratches that may have been incurred during setting of the diamonds in the ring. Finally, we give it one more good hard look and then send it off for an independent, third party appraisal.


It is easy to see that with so many steps and so many opportunities for things to veer off track, it is very important to have very tight control over the manufacturing process.  If we were making jewellery out of town or overseas, it would be much more difficult to make sure each engagement ring or pendant is made to the best of our abilities. Our goal is consistency and quality. Not mass production with little attention to the details.

Final Thoughts

With a purchase such as an engagement ring, it is important to keep in mind your goals for the overall piece of jewellery. In many cases, it would seem a lot of focus is put in the loose diamond selection to make sure it is absolutely perfect. When it comes to the engagement ring, equal time and care should be taken to make sure a quality engagement ring is made that will last the test of time and be of the best quality.

We aim to deliver on both parts of the process.

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