Tinges Loose Diamonds

April 20, 2016
Tinges Loose Diamonds

There are a wide range of tinges or hues that could be present in any given diamond.  The most commonly occurring tinges are yellow, brown or green. Yellow is the most desirable and most common hue as it has the least amount of impact on the appearance of a diamond.

Brown tinges or top light browns, as they are referred to in the diamond trade, are seen as less appealing and can hurt the look of the diamond. These tinges can make the diamond look darker. For this reason, these diamonds trade at a reduced price so diamond dealers can move their inventory. Jewellers with less scruples may sell these stones as ‘great deals!’. Really, as always, there is a reason for the price. Green hues or tinged diamonds are treated the same.

As a new and potential customer you should always ask if the diamond you plan to buy has any tinges or hues! Once again, trust in your source is of the utmost importance.

At Jacob Mercari, we always check for mixed tinges and reject anything other then yellow found in a stone. This is part of our curated diamond selection process. We do this so that you can be 100% sure your diamond has maximum sparkle and brilliance!


Colin Hemmings

Colin is responsible for the marketing and awareness campaigns at Jacob Mercari. He has studied at the GIA in Carlsbad California and has been involved in the diamond and jewellery industry for the past ten years. When not in the office, he spends time with his beagle Ted visiting nearby parks such as Trinity Bellwoods.