Gregory Jacobson

Greg is a second generation diamantaire with over 11 years of experience in the diamond industry. He spent the early years of his career overseas in Israel and Belgium learning from some of the largest diamond and jewellery manufacturers in the world. He is passionate about customer care and finding new and innovative ways to produce the best quality diamonds and engagement rings. He started Jacob Mercari in order to offer customers an educated and fair buying experience. He loves animals and has a dog named Quinton.

Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

Know Your Gold

Not all gold rings are created equal. There is a vast difference in the various gold mixtures jewelers will use.  You can think of it like a chef’s recipe for soup.  The same dish may be available at other restaurants, but each restaurant will make the soup with slightly different ingredients which either enhance or […]

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diamond hues tinges

Tinges Loose Diamonds

There are a wide range of tinges or hues that could be present in any given diamond.  The most commonly occurring tinges are yellow, brown or green. Yellow is the most desirable and most common hue as it has the least amount of impact on the appearance of a diamond. Brown tinges or top light

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CanadaMark Engagement Ring

Canadian Diamonds

There are too many diamond companies today marketing their own ‘brand’ of Canadian Diamonds.  The major problem with these brands is that the vast majority of them are not monitored or audited.  There is essentially no oversight. This means a diamond company could take a diamond, make a professional looking certificate or card and have

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Milkiness In Diamonds

An extremely important factor in diamonds in the milkiness present inside of the crystal of any given stone. Milkiness is not one of the 4 Cs but can greatly change the look of the diamond and the amount of sparkle and brilliance a diamond will exhibit. Milkiness in a diamond looks like it sounds. You

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