Canadian Diamonds

There are too many diamond companies today marketing their own ‘brand’ of Canadian Diamonds.  The major problem with these brands is that the vast majority of them are not monitored or audited.  There is essentially no oversight. This means a diamond company could take a diamond, make a professional looking certificate or card and have the diamond laser inscribed with a corresponding number. They can then claim the diamond is of Canadian origin!

While this is an extreme situation, it is within the realm of possibility. A company that has no one vetting their actions could possibly make a mistake or purposefully mislabel a diamond as Canadian in origin.

The point we are trying to make is this: Canadian diamonds should be certified as origin guaranteed by a minor who is actually mining the loose diamonds under strict auditing procedures.


Enter CanadaMark. This program has been put together by Dominion Diamond Corporation. They are the miner producing Canadian diamonds from the Ekati and Diavik diamond mines in the Northwest Territories of Canada.  As they only mine Canadian diamonds, this removes the chance for them to mix the diamonds with rough diamonds mined in other countries. They document the rough diamond weight of each diamond once it is out of the ground and give it a corresponding unique serial number. They then allow certain approved and vetted diamond manufacturers to polish the diamonds. These approved manufacturers are held to very strict standards and auditing procedures in order to guarantee each diamond is carefully tracked and accounted for. Once the diamond is finished, it will be given a record which CanadaMark tracks in it’s internal system. The end consumer, can check these records on their site.

This is why we recommend CanadaMark to our clients. It gives us a more secure sense of knowing exactly where the diamond came from, the original weight of the diamond and a guarantee that the diamond is in deed of Canadian origin. For any additional question or comments, please or inquires on wedding rings and engagement rings contact us.

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