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Diamond Engagement Rings in Toronto

Diamonds are a classic way to immortalize your love. Whatever the cut and style, these beautiful gems are sure to inspire confidence and grace.

The diamond engagement rings we offer are:

  • Always entirely ethically sourced, from the metals to the diamonds
  • Made by a team of local, highly skilled craftsmen
  • Supported by a knowledgeable team to help you find the best ring
  • Come with a free appraisal so you know you’re getting the best price

Diamonds represent relationships filled with love. That’s why they’re the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Whatever the cut, our diamonds shine with a fiery glow and brilliance that capture your attention. No matter what diamond you choose, you’re sure to be confident in your decision with our team guiding you along.

The 4Cs of Diamonds

While we always go above and beyond the 4Cs of diamonds when we gauge quality, it is important that you understand the 4Cs so you can make more informed purchasing decisions. The 4Cs include carat weight, colour, clarity, and cut.

Carat Weight

When people ask how many carats a certain diamond is, what they’re asking is how much that diamond weighs. Specifically, a metric “carat” is defined as 200 milligrams.

Every carat is made up of 100 “points”. This gives the ability for diamonds to be measured with extreme precision. A jeweller might describe the weight of a diamond below one carat just by its “points”. For example, a jeweller might refer to a diamond that weighs in at 0.25 carats as  a “twenty-five pointer.” If a diamond is greater than one single carat, it is expressed in both carats and decimals. A 1.05 carat diamond would be referred to as such.

Diamond prices increase alongside carat weight because larger diamonds are rarer and more in demand. However, each of the other 4Cs play a big factor in determining the price of a diamond as does the type of gold say rose gold vs white gold.


Diamond colour is evaluated not on the presence of colour, but rather the absence of it. A pure, perfect diamond has no visible hue, similar to clear water, and as a result, has a much higher value. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) created a colour grading system. It ranges from D to Z, and measures the degree of colourlessness by comparing a diamond under controlled lighting and extremely precise viewings to referential stones that have established colour.

In many cases, these distinctions are so minor that they cannot be detected by an untrained eye. These distinctions do make a rather large difference in overall diamond quality as well as its price.


Because natural diamonds are the result of carbon exposed to tremendous heat and pressure deep in the earth, they do not always come out flawlessly. This can be due to a variety of internal characteristics called “inclusions” and external characteristics called “blemishes.”

The process of evaluating diamond clarity involves determining the number, size, relief, nature, and position of these flaws, as well as how these affect the overall appearance of the stone. No diamond is perfect. However, the closer it comes, the more valuable it is.

The GIA Diamond Clarity Scale has 6 categories. Some of these are further divided, for a total of 11 specific grades.

  • Flawless (FL): No inclusions and no blemishes visible under 10x magnification
  • Internally Flawless (IF): No inclusions visible under 10x magnification
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2): Inclusions so slight they are difficult for a skilled grader to see under 10x magnification
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2): Inclusions are observed with effort under 10x magnification, but can be characterized as minor
  • Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2): Inclusions are noticeable under 10x magnification
  • Included (I1, I2, and I3): Inclusions are obvious under 10x magnification which may affect transparency and brilliance


A characteristic feature of a well-cut diamond is its ability to transmit light intensely. When people think about a diamond’s cut, they tend to think about its shape. However, in truth, a diamond’s cut grade is really about how well a diamond’s facets interact with light.

Careful craftsmanship is required to cut a diamond so that its proportions, symmetry, and polish give the signature glow only possible from a diamond. The way a diamond is cut is a critical factor to the stone’s final beauty and value.

Many factors go into the cut evaluation process. Proportions of cuts, how the cuts interact with light, brightness, fire, scintillation, and the overall design and craftsmanship of the diamond all play a role in determining the grade of the cut.

CanadaMark Diamonds

We are a proud distributor of CanadaMark certified loose diamonds. Every diamond mined through the CanadaMark program is:

  • Responsibly mined in the Northwest Territories in Canada
  • 100% natural and conflict free
  • Thoroughly tracked by a rigorous auditing process
  • Made to fit strict quality standards
  • Laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond
  • Canadian origin is guaranteed through a CanadaMark Card

Whether you’re looking for a Canadian diamond engagement ring, or a ring of various styles and shapes, we’re sure to have the perfect ring for you. Contact us today to get the diamond engagement ring you’ll be proud of.

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I found Jacob Mercari on internet. At first I was skeptical with Greg. After several discussions. he made me feel comfortable and took his time in explaining the 4c's and provided me options for my diamond earrings purchase - no pressure. It was a surprise birthday gift for my wife. He's very professional and answered all my inquiries in a timely manner. We were very happy and satisfied with Greg. I would recommend him.
Wilson Ngo
Wilson Ngo
14:53 17 Feb 17
Working with Greg at Jacob Mercari was a great experience. His knowledge and guidance through the process of design and implementation was invaluable. Thanks so much!!
krishna beharry
krishna beharry
21:17 16 Feb 17
Dealing with Gregory Jacobson at Jacob Mercari, was an absolute joy. After painstakingly searching for a professional outfit which you could trust, I couldn't be more pleased to have purchased a ring from the company. My fiancee and I were beyond happy with the outcome of the ring quality, price and delivery time. We will definitely be going back to deal with Gregory Jacobson at Jacob Mercari, and will strongly suggest anyone looking for jewelry to only deal with Gregory Jacobson at Jacob Mercari! Thanks again!
Devin Wosminity
Devin Wosminity
18:56 08 Nov 16
My overall experience with Jacob Mercari was educational, value-added, and fun! And my impressions of Greg as an individual are that he is patient, meticulous about providing quality, and above all trustworthy.Greg far exceeded my expectations with regards to 3 custom rings (1 engagement, 2 wedding bands); however, what truly stands out is not the final product (which is amazing) but rather the process Greg takes you on.He goes above and beyond to invest into you as a customer. What I mean by this is that Greg takes the time to educate you on the industry as a whole, his company, the process, and is more than willing to answer any questions you may have at any time. He does all of this without any commitments from you monetarily or otherwise, and even if you do not make a purchase, after meeting Greg you will be more informed and prepared to make smart purchasing decisions. My absolute favorite part of the entire process is working with Greg to design the rings. He is a great listener and is able to translate your thoughts effectively into a great design. It’s also really helpful when you can touch and feel loose stones and example settings, as you really begin to understand what it takes to put a ring together. As a next step, you work with Greg to review 3D renderings of your design and have an opportunity to make sure all the fine details that truly make your ring unique are taken care of (the graphics are pretty cool too).It’s at this point in the process you leave things in Greg’s very capable hands. He provides frequent updates on the progress of your rings, and he is sure to follow-up if there are questions about the details – I really appreciate that he doesn’t make any assumptions on your behalf and that he ensures you are comfortable throughout the entire process.In the end, what you are left with is something truly unique and something you really feel you’ve had a part in putting together (as opposed to just picking out something off of a retail store shelf).I have and will continue to endorse Greg to my friends and family!
Derrick Sarwan
Derrick Sarwan
02:27 10 Jun 16
Greg did a fantastic job for us! I trusted him every step of the way, and he was very patient in answering all of my questions and working with me. He was a pleasure to work with--from finding the right stone to designing the whole piece. I would not hesitate to recommend Greg!
Jordan Waltman
Jordan Waltman
18:18 20 Sep 16
Such amazing work! Im so happy i find found you guus to help custom make my now fiances ring! She absolutely loves it! I couldnt have asked for better! You guys are the best! Thank you guys!
Bronson Houle
Bronson Houle
02:30 23 Jul 17
I had a great experience with Jacob Mercari. Gregory was very knowledgable and helpful.
Samantha Claydon
Samantha Claydon
08:19 28 Aug 17
I recently purchased a custom engagement ring. Having done my research I knew Jacob Mercari had great ratings, and my experience backs up why they have 5-star ratings time and time again! I vaguely knew what I was looking for prior to my first visit, but Greg worked with me to design the perfect engagement ring! My fiance is over the moon about how amazing her ring is! Initially I feared my tight timeline would be an issue, but Greg made sure the ring was ready very quickly. And the quality... wow! I guarantee you will not be disappointed buying a ring here!
Chris Rausch
Chris Rausch
23:07 03 Oct 17
I think I visited 7 different jewellers across Toronto (and online!), but found Jacob Mercari to offer the best selection, value, and service. Instead of pushiness and deception, I found graciousness, excellent knowledge of the market, and integrity. My fiancée loved the ring -- the diamond as well as the artistic setting. Couldn't recommend them higher.
Logan Gates
Logan Gates
18:59 10 Oct 17
We recently purchased a beautiful CanadaMark Diamond from Greg. He found us just what we were looking for and made the diamond buying process very comfortable and easy! He really knows his stuff and we felt very confident in his selection.
22:08 25 Nov 17
I must admit this was the most unexpected wonderful experience I've had in all my years of shopping for jewelry. I did not know what to expect going in but I think I prefer this than going into a store. It is a private and personable experience which does not make you feel like you are in a rushed situation.Greg was kind, knowledgeable and patient enough to listen to what I wanted, to give me options that lined up with what I needed (rather what she said she wanted, because that's how it really is when you're buying an engagement ring). I really appreciate the services offered and the work done. A truly beautifully designed ring that was ready by the date I said I would have needed it. Fantastic service and exceptional professionalism. I will continue to use his services as he is now my go to jeweler.
Adrian Bryan
Adrian Bryan
20:55 19 Dec 17
If I could give 6/5 stars, I would. My experience with Jacob Mercari was nothing short of perfect. I worked with Greg on my engagement ring, and from the very first meeting through finished product his customer experience was above and beyond. He made me very comfortable with the whole diamond buying experience, gave me much knowledge on the subject and was never pushy with options or even working with his company. We created a custom piece, stayed in budget and my fiance could not be happier with the finished product. I visited numerous other jewelers and can say without a doubt I made the right decision. I highly recommend Jacob Mercari for anyone looking for an engagement ring.
Brandon Banner
Brandon Banner
18:48 20 Dec 17
Greg was very responsive to us when we had questions all the way through the process of having an engagement ring made. Even before we committed to purchasing anything, he was quick to respond to emails. Greg is very professional, genuine, and accommodating. He would meet with us on his days off, since we were coming from outside the city. We had very specific requests about the ring and Greg was able to meet all the requests within our budget, and even told us we would be saving money on purchasing lab-created diamonds instead of mined ones. Where we saved on the diamonds, he informed us he could cast the ring in platinum instead of gold. We had a design in mind for the engagement ring, Greg and his team were able to provide us with a render of the ring before committing to casting it, which was nice to see. Included in the price of the ring, was an annual cleaning service, as well as inspecting the ring for damage. It is a nice touch to great service. Very much appreciated. We would recommend Greg to anyone we know personally, and would approach him again in the future for other custom jewelry.
David Gregory
David Gregory
21:25 30 Dec 17
Greg was a pleasure to work with! My engagement ring had diamonds 3 quarters around the band and I wanted to make it an eternity by adding more diamonds. He did this in one day!! Plus he cleaned & polished the ring so it looks bright and sparkly. I am extremely happy with the service, price and the result. Would definitely recommend Jacob Mercari to anyone who's looking for an excellent jeweler in Toronto.
Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee
15:05 15 Jan 18
Greg was great and very responsive during the whole process. He had tons of selection and was very helpful with lots of suggestions. The final product turned out perfect! Would definitely recommend.
Nick Chan
Nick Chan
15:52 17 Feb 18
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