Fancy Intense Yellow to Vivid Blue Diamonds

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Rare. Fancy colour diamonds are the rarest and most sought after diamonds on the planet. They showcase some of the most amazing, natural beauty found in the world.

Colourful. Diamonds come in many colours including yellow, orange, green, purple, pink, red and blue. Some fancy colour diamonds can have varying hues and saturations resulting in an orange-yellow or purple-pink colour.  The more crisp and intense the colour is, the more valuable it is.

GIA Certified. All fancy colour diamonds sold by Jacob Mercari come with a GIA fancy colour diamond certificate. We use the most reputable laboratory to insure you get a correctly graded diamond.

Knowledgeable Advice. Private one-on-one meetings insure we offer you full attention.  We properly educate our customers with all of the things to look for in the perfect fancy colour diamond.  Colour saturations or hues can drastically effect whether one fancy colour diamond is superior to another.

Fancy coloured diamonds are on-trend and gaining an ever-larger niche in the overall diamond market, but they are hardly a new phenomenon. As far back as the 6th century, there was a diamond colour-grading system in India, and different castes were allowed to wear only certain colours. The colours themselves were described in terms of the colour of flower petals or even rabbit eyes.

The grading of fancy coloured diamonds has evolved quite a bit since the 500s, and anyone is free to own diamonds of any colour they choose. Red is the rarest diamond colour, and a purely white diamond with no hue is considered to be perfect. But diamonds also naturally occur in yellow, blue, steel-grey, green, orange, brown, pink and purple.

Fancy coloured diamonds aren’t just beautiful — they can also symbolize different qualities and evoke different moods. Blue diamonds, for example, are often considered symbols of calm and freedom. Grey diamonds have been said to represent wisdom. Pink diamonds evoke romance, while brown or champagne-coloured diamonds symbolize stability.

Whether you prize a fancy-coloured diamond for its meaning, its value as an investment, for its dazzling beauty, or for all of the above, jewellery that incorporates these gems is a timeless gift that is billions of years in the making.

Fancy Colour Diamonds are available in our Toronto office.

With the popularity of fancy coloured engagement rings, the traditional white diamond engagement ring is no longer the only option. Choose from stunning engagement rings with diamonds in a range of colours, and surrounded by your choice of elegant settings. Fancy yellow diamond engagement rings are popular, but there are many other choices available.

Choosing a fancy colour engagement ring can be a matter of selecting the bride’s favourite colour, but it can also be a more meaningful gift: Each diamond colour has its own traditional meaning. For instance, blue diamonds are associated with calm and peace; grey diamonds with wisdom; brown diamonds with stability; and pink diamonds with romance.

But with such a personal and valuable gift as a fancy coloured diamond engagement ring, there’s plenty of opportunity to infuse it with your own meaning and significance. If you have a special ring to choose in the near future, speak with one of our custom ring experts about our yellow diamond engagement rings and all the other beautiful options we offer.

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