How to Engagement Ring Shop in Toronto?


5 Tips to choosing the Best Toronto Jeweller for Your Engagement Ring


Do they have credentials & are they established?

You’ll want to see how long their business has been around and what sort of reviews it has. A jeweler who has been around longer tends to stay in business longer and build relationships with clients.


How many services does the jeweller provide?

Good jewellers provide a wide array of services, including having an in-house gemologist who can help you find the perfect stone for your price point, a bench jeweller who will easily be able to resize or repair your ring, and, usually, the ability to design custom engagement ring in Toronto upon request.


Does the jeweller educate you about your choices?

Since jewellers are known for taking pride in the quality of their work, they should be more than happy to show you the quality of their rings. A good jeweller will not just explain the differences between metals, they should be more than willing to show you the stamp. This stamp verifies the precious metal content. These marks include 10k, 14k, or 18k for gold rings and the initials “PT950” for platinum.

They will also want to educate you about the 4c’s of diamonds. True, you probably weren’t trained to see a diamond’s 4cs, but a respectable jeweller will guide you through a detailed look at your diamond.

When you look at the diamonds, remember to ask these 3 questions:

– Is the cut of the diamond discernible under their gemological microscope?

– Was it colour graded using a full-spectrum diamond light?

– Can you view colour grading stones to compare your diamond against for colour?


How knowledgeable is the jeweller?

Reputable jewellers tend to keep very knowledgeable staff. Many even keep in-house gemologists to ensure quality and knowledge. You should be able to ask a question to any staff member and receive either an answer or suggestions to someone on their staff who can better assist you. If you ask a question and someone on staff is rude or refuses to answer, go to a different jeweller!


Does he or she listen to you & your fiancé?

Any reputable jeweller will be attentive to your needs and wants. Three key points to look for in this regard are:

– A jeweller who is focused on your bride. They will want to know about her desires, needs, and style.

– They will listen to you when you talk and when you explain what you’re looking for. A good jeweller will not push their own ideas on you, and they especially shouldn’t focus on just one point, such as price.

– He or she will also give you a plethora of rings, but help narrow down your choices. They shouldn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.


In the end, it’s all about finding a jeweller that you can trust not just to be honest with you, but to educate you and to get you what you want at a price point that you’re comfortable with. Evaluating these five points will help you determine whether you’ve found the right jeweller for you, or if you need to keep looking.

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