Independent Third Party Appraisal

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We leave you with a fact about an important part of your Jewellery purchase. Wherever you buy your jewellery, it should always come with a third party appraisal. This confirms that your purchase is indeed accurate and allows you to have the necessary insurance setup.  We say third party because any jeweller can state what they want on an in house appraisal. A third party is unbiased. Thus, you have someone with nothing to gain, accurately assessing your purchase.

Double Check

It is easy for a jeweller to tell you that the gold is 18K or 14K or Platinum. Having a third party verify this is important.  Same goes for your diamonds. Small diamonds complementing your centre diamond on your engagement ring are also graded for colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. A good appraisal should mention the average grade of the small diamonds and an estimated total weight.  Some will also give you measurements. Lastly, there should be a value of what the piece should be replaced for.

Get It Insured

Another important thing to remember is to have your ring insured. This should be done before you even pick up the ring. Jewellery can get lost or stolen very easily. You are better off covering your bases before you pick up your engagement ring or any other jewellery.  Speak to your insurance provider for more information.  Your appraisal will  be used in this instance to verify the piece and ascertain the amount you will pay on your premium.  Different insurance companies require different information on your appraisal, such as name and address. Make sure you know what your insurance provider requires in order to make the insuring process as quick and painless as possible!

At Jacob Mercari, we always provide an independent third party appraisal by a well recognized appraiser. We are currently offering this service free of charge on all purchases. 

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