Jennifer Lopez Engagement Rings: A Glittering Journey of Love, Luxury, and Romance

When it comes to dazzling engagement rings, Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to opulence and grandeur. Over the years, the iconic singer and actress has adorned her finger with a series of stunning rings, each representing a significant chapter in her love life. From high-profile relationships to whirlwind romances, let’s take a closer look at Jennifer Lopez engagement rings through the years.

Ojani Noa (1997-1998)

Jennifer Lopez with Ojani Noa

Jennifer Lopez’s journey into the world of engagement rings began with her first marriage to Cuban restaurateur Ojani Noa. He presented her with a classic marquise cut diamond ring. It is reported that this exquisite engagement ring is priced at around $100,000. The ring, though understated compared to her later choices, held sentimental value as it marked the beginning of her married life. Although their marriage was short-lived, lasting only from 1997 to 1998, the ring symbolized the start of Jennifer Lopez’s fascination with breathtaking jewelry.

Cris Judd (2001-2002)

Jennifer Lopez with Cris Judd engagement ring on her finger

After her divorce from Noa, Jennifer Lopez found love again with dancer Cris Judd. Judd popped the question with an emerald cut white diamond engagement ring, showcasing a rare and exquisite gemstone. The soft white hue of the diamond beautifully complemented Lopez’s feminine style and added a touch of romance to her engagement. Although their marriage also ended in divorce, the ring represented a time of newfound happiness and exploration for Lopez.

Ben Affleck (2002-2004)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck engagement ring with pink diamond

The most talked-about engagement of Jennifer Lopez’s career was undoubtedly her relationship with actor Ben Affleck. Affectionately known as “Bennifer” by the media, their whirlwind romance captured the world’s attention. Affleck proposed with a striking 6.1-carat pink diamond ring, designed by renowned jeweler Harry Winston. Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Ben Affleck is estimated to be worth more than $1 million. The dazzling ring featured a radiant-cut center stone, surrounded by smaller white diamonds, showcasing his love and devotion for Lopez. Although their engagement was called off due to media scrutiny and intense public interest, the ring became a symbol of their passionate love affair.

Marc Anthony (2004-2014)

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony blue diamond engagement ring

Following her split from Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez found love in the arms of Latin music sensation Marc Anthony. Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Marc Anthony was a showstopper, featuring a stunning blue diamond estimated to be worth a staggering $4 million. The unique blue hue added a touch of mystique to the ring, perfectly matching the intense connection between the two artists. The 8.5-carat diamond ring, the custom ring also designed by Harry Winston, served as a radiant symbol of their union. Their marriage lasted a decade, making it one of Lopez’s longest relationships.

Alex Rodriguez (2017-2021)

Jennifer Lopez emerald cut diamond ring

In 2019, Jennifer Lopez received another dazzling engagement ring, this time from former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez. The emerald cut diamond ring boasted an impressive size, estimated to be around 15 carats. Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Alex Rodriguez cost between $1-5 million. The exquisite ring, designed by celebrity jeweler Peter Marco, captured the essence of their high-profile relationship. The striking diamond sparkled on Lopez’s finger, symbolizing the couple’s strong bond and their shared love for grand gestures. Although the engagement was called off in 2021, the ring will forever be a testament to their love story.

Ben Affleck (2021)

Jennifer Lopez green diamond engagement ring

In a surprising turn of events, Jennifer Lopez rekindled her romance with Ben Affleck in 2021. The couple’s reunion captivated fans once again, and Affleck wasted no time in proposing to Lopez with a stunning diamond ring. Reportedly, the ring features an extraordinarily uncommon 8.5 carat cushion cut green diamond, accompanied by two white diamonds on each side. This green diamond engagement ring started the new fancy color diamonds ring trend. Its value is estimated to be between $5-7 million. Not only does the ring look stunning, but the distinctive green hue also holds a personal significance for JLo.

Expressing her fondness for the color green, JLo stated, “I always consider green to be my lucky color. Perhaps you can recall a certain green dress. I’ve come to realize that many remarkable moments in my life have occurred while I was wearing green”.

Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Ben Affleck known for its timeless elegance and sophistication, symbolized the enduring connection between Lopez and Affleck. It was a symbol of their second chance at love and the depth of their relationship. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage in Las Vegas was made public on July 17, 2022. Soon after, we caught a glimpse of the Jennifer Lopez wedding ring in a photo shared on Instagram by Lopez’s nail artist, Tom Bachik. The ring in question is a timeless white gold band, perfectly complementing her green diamond engagement ring.


Jennifer Lopez’s journey through engagement rings is a testament to her vibrant love life and her penchant for extraordinary jewelry. Each ring represents a unique chapter in her romantic adventures, showcasing not only her evolving personal life but also her affinity for elegance and glamor. Throughout the years, Lopez has demonstrated a love for diamonds in various shapes, colors, and cuts, each chosen to reflect the particular love story she was living at the time.

Jennifer Lopez engagement rings have not only made headlines but have also set trends in the world of jewelry. From the pink diamond ring that sparked a global fascination with colored gemstones to the blue diamond ring that left the world in awe, Jennifer Lopez’s choices have left an indelible mark on the industry.

Beyond their monetary value, these rings hold sentimental significance for Lopez. They represent moments of love, hope, and new beginnings. They symbolize the excitement of new relationships, the joy of companionship, and the courage to take risks in matters of the heart.

As Jennifer Lopez continues to make headlines and captivate audiences worldwide, it’s safe to say that her engagement ring collection will always remain a symbol of love, beauty, and timeless style. Her journey through these glittering gems has been a reflection of her journey as a woman, artist, and lover. 


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