Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings

Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings

No precious gemstone dazzles the eye like a diamond. And as we all know, diamond earrings can be quite costly, but now there is an alternative that offers the same sparkle and shine for a fraction of the cost: Lab created diamond earrings.

Grown in laboratories under strictly controlled conditions, using actual carbon atoms, lab created or “cultured” diamonds exhibit the same visual properties of natural diamonds. The natural formation process of diamonds is duplicated, producing engineered diamonds almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts.

Are you interested in a set of cultured diamond earrings that radiate the same luminous gleam of natural diamonds? Lab created diamonds come in the same various styles you will find in any lab diamond jewelry store, including studs, drops, hoops and clusters.

Stud Earrings

Probably the most popular style of earring, lab created diamond studs capture the onlooker’s gaze like sparkling points of light in the night sky. A wide variety of cuts and settings offer customers a plethora of options:

Diamond studs lab grown

  • Round Cut – As the name suggests, the Round Cut is circular and versatile, available in an assortment of settings. The Round Cut tends to appear large in its setting, which adds to its popularity.
  • Cushion Cut – A Cushion Cut combines a square cut with rounded corners that results in a pillow-like shape, giving the style its name. Tis cut was used extensively in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Oval Cut – The Oval Cut is elongated and creates the appearance of a larger stone, combining the effect of a marquise cut (see below) with a round cut.
  • Emerald Cut – An Emerald Cut is elongated, rectangular and chiseled with straight, parallel facets. Emerald cuts are less popular than round cuts, and tend to appear smaller, so they are often less expensive.
  • Asscher Cut – The Asscher Cut is square with a step-like appearance, and is also known as the “square emerald cut.”
  • Marquise Cut – The Marquise Cut, shaped like a football, boat or eye, has a long and narrow shape that enhances the wearer’s finger length, making it appear long and slender.


Drop Earrings present an elegant, dynamic image as they descend from the ear. Available in an abundance of cuts and settings, drops generally come in two types: stationary rods or more fluid pendants. Drop earrings tend to be more visible and as a result, can sometimes create a more dramatic effect than stud earrings.


Hoop Earrings make an unmistakable impression. Their circular shape comes in innumerable sizes, from as small as a finger ring to as wide as a small cooking pot. The impact of hoop earrings is often striking, the shimmering rings commanding notice. Of course, due to the use of numerous stones, the cost of Hoop Earrings may run to the higher side.


One of the advantages of Cluster Earrings is versatility, as they are available in unlimited shapes and designs. So many different images and potentially symbolic shapes are possible that Cluster Earrings offer the wearer the ability to express herself uniquely and more authentically. Clusters can depict flowers, stars, concentric circles, geometric shapes – the possibilities are boundless.

All of the styles of earrings listed above are within reach, thanks to the development of Lab Created Diamond Earrings. Take a look at the affordable options today!

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