Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds, also referred to as synthetic diamonds, cultured diamonds or lab created diamonds, are chemically identical in make-up to mined diamonds.  Their chemical composition is carbon.  This is the same as natural diamonds. Both types of diamonds have a cubic crystalline structure. Both measure 10 on the Hardness Scale.  Light dispersion for lab grown and mined diamonds measures 0.044. On the Refractive Index, they both measure 2.42 and have a density of 3.52.  This shows that whether a diamond is grown in a lab or mined from the earth, from a scientific perspective, they are identical.

The two most common methods for producing synthetic diamonds are HPHT (High Pressure High Heat) or CVD (Chemical Vapour Disposition). HPHT is accomplished by synthesis of polycrystalline diamond using high pressure and heat. There are varying methods within HPHT, each lab or manufacturer may use different methods.  CVD synthesizes diamond from other polycrystalline materials such as diamond. Once again, there are varied methods within CVD.

Simulants, such as Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, White Sapphire or YAG all score much lower for all of the measures mentioned above. Simulants are in a different class completely. They do not have a carbon chemical composition and the crystalline structures are vastly different.  Simulants are easily distinguishable from diamond and are not seen as a fair comparison.

Lab created diamonds are available in a variety of carat sizes, colours and clarities. We also have available fancy yellow and fancy blue diamonds.

Lab created diamond is a new and growing area of the diamond and jewellery industry and they are being used more and more in custom diamond engagement rings. Many people are still wary as they have been bombarded with marketing from mining companies regarding the value of a natural mined diamond for generations.  We see lab grown diamonds as the next generation and part of the evolution of the diamond industry.  Lab grown diamonds offer a more affordable, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible option.   

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