How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

When it comes to popping the question, things seem easier said than done. You must decide how to ask, where to ask, whether or not to ask her parents first, and, of course, what sort of engagement ring to choose. The ring probably stresses more people out than anything else. It can cost an arm and a leg, it’s hard to find out her ring size without spoiling the surprise, and you tend to second guess yourself whenever you see one you think she’d like. Here we have a few tips to help you pick out the perfect engagement ring for her.

Consider her style.

You love her, and you probably want to get her the biggest, brightest diamond you can find. But is it really her style? If your gal is minimalistic, a simple engagement ring with a thin band and a single stone may be more appropriate. If she’s a glamor queen, she probably wants a rock the size of her knuckle with tons of flair. Look for something you think she’d “squee” for.

What are her interests and likes?

Does your girl love roses? Maybe her favourite colour is blue? Finding custom rings in precious metals adorned with precious gemstones is not just easy – it’s more meaningful. If you think your girl would flip for a silver ring shaped like a bird’s nest with ruby eggs – find one. It’s easier than you think, and custom, well-crafted rings can be found on websites like Etsy. This will show her that you don’t just like her or think she’s sexy – you know her well and love her for who she is.

Is there a “story” that you share?

Maybe you guys met at a carnival by random chance? Maybe there was that one really bad day that brought you two together? Having a ring that references a special story you share can bring even more depth and meaning to your engagement ring. Even if it’s a simple engravement with a word or phrase that invokes those memories, it’ll mean the world to her.

Choose something you can afford.

Now, it’s common for you to spend a few months’ worth of cash on a ring. However, this can end up causing more stress later on down the road (like when your wallets are empty and the wedding is around the corner). Instead, aim for something that you can afford. It’s common for couples to get new rings and/or renew vows on the “big” anniversaries, anyway. You can propose to her with something nice that you can afford now with the promise to upgrade when you can.

Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to fit her into a box at a price tag that isn’t feasible. Instead, focus on getting her a ring that is as beautiful as she is that you can afford more readily. It’ll mean the world to her, and it’ll save you a lot of headache and cash for when you really need it – like for the wedding.

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