Custom Platinum Engagement Rings in Toronto.

Platinum Wedding Rings

Jacob Mercari’s platinum wedding rings are the perfect choice for a wedding ring that needs to stand up to heavy use. Our 950 pure platinum rings are extremely durable, so you can rest easy knowing your ring can keep up.

Our platinum wedding rings:

By far the rarest of all precious metals, platinum is a beautiful choice for wedding rings while also being incredibly durable and, as a result, able to stand up to busy and active lifestyles. Platinum wedding rings are highly sought-out not only because they’re resistant to wear, but because platinum is hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for people who suffer from sensitive skin. The gorgeous sheen of our platinum wedding rings are made even more beautiful by our stunning range of expertly cut center and accenting gems.

Our Platinum Wedding Ring Alloys

We offer high-quality, 950 pure platinum wedding rings in Toronto, with the remaining 5% being made up of iridium, palladium, ruthenium, and other metals. The high degree of purity we’ve achieved in our platinum wedding rings ensure that they’re naturally hypoallergenic, so they’re ideal for people who have highly sensitive skin.

Platinum Wedding Ring Patina

Even though platinum is the strongest metal commonly used in jewellery, it can get scratched over time and develop a patina. Some people specifically choose platinum wedding rings because of this characteristic, as it can be highly valuable to some people. For those who prefer the regular luster and shine of platinum custom engagement ring Toronto, it can easily be restored by buffing the ring with a soft cloth.

White Gold VS Platinum In Wedding Rings

Due to visual similarities, many people who are interested in white gold or platinum wedding rings often consider both. However, there are some important differences that you should be aware of when you’re deciding between the two metals.


The first and most important factor you should take into consideration is your budget. Pure platinum wedding rings are more expensive than other metals, including white gold as a result of the density and rarity of the metal. For people with a limited budget, it may make more sense to opt for white gold.


Both platinum and white gold have more durability than other metals used in jewellery. However, platinum is more durable still than even white gold. In addition, while both metals get scratched over time, with platinum, the metal is displaced instead of being worn away. As a result, after years of wear, it’s easy to restore your platinum wedding ring to the condition you bought it in.

However, this doesn’t apply for white gold. White gold, when worn or scratched, gradually wears away the original metal. As a result, over long periods of time you’ll need to replace or repair portions of the ring and its setting during the course of your ring’s lifecycle. Because white gold makes use of rhodium plating to enhance its glow, which will, over time, wear away, you’ll need to replace it.

Visual Differences

Visually, both white gold and platinum wedding rings work incredibly well to enhance the beauty of people with lighter skin tones and both tend to clash with dark complexions. The key visual differentiating feature between the two only becomes apparent as the two metals age. Platinum engagement rings will develop a patina of wear over time, which is highly desirable for some, while white gold loses its rhodium plating, meaning some of the yellow tint will come through.

At Jacob Mercari, we create beautiful handcrafted platinum wedding rings. Whether you’ve started shopping around or are just starting your search, our team of expert artisans will help you to find the ring of your dreams. Our independent third-party evaluations ensure you can rest easy knowing that your platinum wedding ring will be fairly priced. You can be proud to give the gorgeous, ethically-sourced wedding rings that our local artisans have made. Contact us to begin the journey to finding your perfect platinum wedding ring.

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