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Pure Grown DiamondsJacob Mercari is very excited to be recognized as a retailer of Pure Grown Diamonds. We carry a large selection in many sizes, shapes, colours and clarities. We carry fancy colour man made diamonds as well. If you are looking for blue, yellow, orange, green, red or pink, we can help you.  We carefully select only the best lab grown diamonds to offer our customers.

We offer a comfortable, private, one-on-one environment for our customers. We feel you deserve the time and attention.  With a private space in Toronto, we can give a higher level of service and customer attention.  We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent. We will always give fair and truthful advice and recommendations without the pressure and hassles you find in a generic jewellery store.  Our goal is to help you become more educated and make the right decision, not push you into a quick sale.




See Pure Grown Diamonds in person and make an educated decision.

From the company:

Pure Grown Diamonds are produced using a technological innovation that yields diamonds of exceptionally high quality and purity. Only the top two percent of mined diamonds can compare. They are identical in their composition, as well as in their physical appearance, to mined diamonds. A gemologist cannot tell the difference between a Pure Grown Diamond and a mined diamond because there is no difference.

Pure Grown Diamonds are often able to achieve a higher quality than their mined counterparts due to the environment in which they are grown. Each Pure Grown Diamond is then carefully faceted and crafted into a beautiful, fiery and brilliant diamond. While our unique growth process qualifies Pure Grown Diamonds as the purest diamonds in the world, they’re even environmentally friendly and conflict free.


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