Why It’s Good to be Different

To Match or Not to Match: Why It’s Good to be Different

Let’s talk about wedding sets for a moment. Sure, they’re pretty and they’re convenient, but are they you? More importantly, are they ‘us’? That seems to be something a lot of couples are contemplating, as a growing number are choosing to ditch conventional wedding sets and opt for complimentary sets instead. Why, you might ask? Here are just a few of the reasons!


It suits both of you.

The most obvious is that when you choose to get individual rings rather than wedding sets, you get to have something that suits both parties rather than just one. Maybe she looks better in gold, maybe he prefers titanium. Going this route allows for both parties to look their best, even while professing their love for their partner.


It lets your partner know how much you get them.

Maybe you guys met at a bookstore when you were scoping out the fiction section. You had a playful debate about which fantasy creature was cooler. Even on your most stressful, heart-wrenching days, that memory kept the relationship strong. Getting a ring that represents your partner is a great way to show them not just that you know what they like, but that you get them. You remember the small things. You know their hobbies. This may mean that you get a custom pixie ring, and he gets a custom dragon ring. They complement each other, but they also make a statement. You aren’t just married, you’re married to your best friend.


It’s a special, one of a kind experience.

When you decide to get individual, complimentary rings rather than sets, you get to experience a whole new level of your relationship. You get to find out more about each other. This is the ring that you will be wearing for the rest of your lives. Picking for each other and finding rings that go well together will bring you closer together in ways you can’t imagine.


It allows for your personality to shine through.

Finding rings that suit yourselves but complement each other is great because it allows individuality while showing dedication and love to each other. This is an important part of any healthy relationship, and having complimentary rings is a great way to let that really come through.


It accounts for you and your partner’s lives

One of the biggest arguments newlyweds will face is the inevitability of taking the ring off. Not everyone has the comfort of an office job. If your job requires that you get deep into the nitty-gritty, chances are you don’t want that ring to get lost, dirty, or broken. Your partner may have a job that doesn’t run a high risk of the ring being lost or damaged, or may even work from home. When you choose complimentary rings over sets, you can get that tough and durable number while your partner gets the more delicate ring. This can help to avoid a surprising amount of arguing!


It can save you money.

When you choose to ditch wedding sets, you can save a lot of money. Many sites and shops now offer custom rings with real precious stones and metals for a fraction of the cost of standard wedding sets. It’s also easier to customize existing rings or order entirely custom rings and you still end up saving money when compared to buying standard sets.


While it’s perfectly fine if you want to go with the old standard, looking at getting compatible rings that show your love, celebrate each other, and personify your individuality can be a lot of fun.


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