Yellow Gold Diamond & Gemstone Rings.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Toronto

Jacob Mercari uses beautiful recycled yellow gold to create unique engagement rings that you’ll fall in love with. Our expert artisans have created timeless pieces. You’re sure to be able to find the perfect engagement ring from our selection.

Our yellow gold engagement rings are:

Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow gold engagement rings have been popular throughout recent history. The beautiful glow of yellow gold is the ultimate way to show your love. Jacob Mercari’s gorgeously handcrafted yellow gold engagement rings pair beautifully with a wide range of our expertly hand cut gemstones to create timeless works of art.

Our Artisans

Jacob Mercari employs only the best locally-sourced craftsmen to create unique works of art inspired by styles of the past and the present. Our artisans combine their years of experience with a range of inspirations and the best ingredients to create yellow gold engagement rings you can only find at Jacob Mercari.

Ethically-Sourced Materials

All of our gold engagement rings  are created using high-quality recycled gold. As well all our diamonds are ethically mined Canadian diamonds. We’re able to offer environmentally and socially responsible rings without any loss in quality. Each vendor we work with shares our views and undergoes regular rigorous examinations to ensure that we get the best ethically responsible materials.

Independent Valuations

Each ring we produce gets independently valued to ensure that our customers get a fair price. Not only do you know that you’re getting a competitively priced ring, you also know the true value of your ring.

Expert Guidance

Finding the perfect ring can be difficult. There are many styles, materials, and sources of information out there. You may have seen a ring you’ve fallen in love with before, or be just starting out your search. Regardless of your previous exposure to yellow gold engagement rings, our passionate staff will help you by providing suggestions and, based on your feedback, will narrow down the selection until you’ve found the perfect ring. You can be confident that you’ll walk away with the perfect ring.

Some popular styles of yellow gold rings include those with a thin bad, or a vintage style engagement ring with a round 0.9 ct diamond.

Jacob Mercari takes advantage of the finest techniques and materials to provide yellow gold engagement rings that are sure to impress. We’ll help guide you through the purchasing process from the start to ensure that you’re confident in the ring you choose. At the end of the day, you’ll be proud of the ring you worked to choose for her. Contact us when you need to find a ring she’ll adore.

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