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Custom Wedding Rings & Bands.

Carefully Crafted in Toronto, Canada.


Let our expert team use our effective design process to turn both of your dreams into the perfect symbol of your love.

The Process.

We begin our custom wedding ring process by providing a consultation. The team we’ve assembled will tease out the true essence of your dream. Afterwards, they’ll create a design. If it’s approved they’ll move on to make a 3D rendering of your custom engagement ring. If you both love it we’ll move forward.

Once we’ve settled on the perfect design, we can begin to create your band. We take your desired metals and stones and match the design perfectly. Once the band is made, the team of artisans will delicately place the stones. After that, the ring is complete. The final step is for us to let you know it’s done to arrange a pickup. Alternatively, we’re happy to provide complimentary insured shipments to any location within Canada or the USA.

We’re confident in the rings that we make and know that should you create one with us, you will be too. The team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen we’ve assembled will delight you with their unique creations guided by your vision. Please contact us to arrange a free 30 minute consultation.

Included With Purchase:

Our past creations will give you the confidence to know that you can’t go wrong by trusting in us and the piece that we’ll make. The storied successes of our past have given us the insight to sharpen our processes to ensure you get the highest quality product possible. Our most important goal is to make both of you happy.

Why Jacob Mercari?

By realizing your dream with us, you’ll receive not only the bands that truly capture the vision you both hold, but also the calm confidence in knowing that you’re getting the best care and quality craftsmanship. Whether you already have a unique vision or you’re looking to make something new, we’ll help to ensure that your goals are met. Our talented designers can help provide you with their expert knowledge to be confident in the decisions you both make. You’ll soon be able to take pride in the works of art that we both create.

Personalize Your Diamond Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of the love you’ve cultivated between the two of you. Because of that, if you have a dream in mind, allow our highly skilled artisans to create your unique custom wedding rings. We’ll talk with you and draw out what you want your ring to look like. Afterwards, we’ll sketch a design and iterate on the sketch until you’re both happy. By creating a custom wedding ring together, you’ll create beautiful works that will forever reflect your love.

If you’d prefer to browse our catalog, we also offer a number of lab grown diamond engagement rings in our Toronto office.

The cost of your wedding ring will range depending on many factors including but not limited to: diamond or gemstone choice, alloys such as gold or platinum and intricacy of the design. The average range for a custom wedding ring is $500 to $10,000 or above. Please reach out for a more comprehensive quotation. 

Available Wedding Band Styles:

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