Natural Diamonds Toronto.

Natural, mined diamonds at the best wholesale price. CanadaMark Canadian Diamonds available.

Natural Mined

The Keys to our Success:

Lowest possible pricing
True wholesale prices on accurately graded diamonds.

No two diamonds are the same
We guide you and give invaluable advice.

More to loose diamond selection then the “Four C’s”
We look at many other factors such as milkiness, crystal characteristics, hues, etc.

Know your sources
Conflict free guaranteed or Canadian loose diamond origin guaranteed.

Someone to talk to
Our customers love having a person to discuss and debate possible options with!

Inventory on site
We will show you curated loose diamonds or lab grown diamonds that we have hand selected to be the best of all categories.

Custom Canadian Diamond Engagement Rings

Design the Custom Engagement Ring in Toronto

We don’t just sell loose diamonds! We are more than happy to show you a variety of ring designs to compliment your diamond. Whether you are looking to make something truly unique or combine a few different designs, we can help. We guide you through the process of jewellery manufacturing in an easy and friendly way.

Start Searching for the Perfect Natural Mined Diamond Now

The diamond buying experience can be very intimidating and confusing at first. When you make an appointment with us, we go through a full education and show you Canadian loose diamonds for sale at wholesale prices. We do this to make you more comfortable with the product and to help you start to get a feel for the characteristics most important to you.

CanadaMark Canadian Diamonds in Stock.

GIA Certified Diamonds

All of the natural diamonds in our stock are GIA certified. The Gemological Institute of America is widely regarded as the industry standard. We use the GIA certificate as a starting point. After establishing the correct grading for each diamond, we delve deeper and evaluate the hues, fluorescence, milkiness, tinges and the actual crystal itself. We discuss these elements in more detail during our meeting.

Independently Verified Canadian Diamonds

Jacob Mercari is proud to be an official distributor of the CanadaMark diamond program. The CanadaMark hallmark program allows us to provide our customers with an independently verified certificate of origin.

Responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Natural, untreated & conflict-free. Tracked through audited processes at every stage of manufacturing process. Manufactured to meet specific quality standards.

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100% Free of Conflict

Any diamond purchase from us will be 100% free of conflict. Our partners have strict auditing procedures in place to guarantee and track the diamonds as they move through the manufacturing chain of custody. We only work with companies that purchase directly from diamond miners and manufacture themselves. We also expect our partners to give back to local communities through jobs training, donations and investment in local business initiatives.

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