Antique & Vintage Engagement Rings.

Old trends are made new again with our vintage engagement rings. We take new techniques and apply them to old styles to create timeless works of art. You’re sure to find something special.

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Influenced by the styles of the past, these gorgeous, romantic custom vintage engagement rings are heirlooms in the making. Whether because of the delicate, Victorian-inspired filigree designs, the bold individuality of Art Deco styles, or the larger-than-life dazzle popular in the Retro era, each style in our antique-inspired collection of vintage engagement rings in Canada is gorgeous piece.

Vintage & Antique Engagement Rings Made in Toronto, Canada.

Vintage Engagement Rings: Styles of the Past

Victorian Era

Our custom vintage engagement rings take a wide range of inspiration. From the Victorian era we take the styles of jewellery made popular by Queen Victoria’s mourning for her husband. The gold and jet blacks of this period lend many different vintage rings the timeless look that you now love.

Towards the end of this era, diamond mines were discovered in South Africa, which led to the creation of the vintage solitaire engagement rings . At the time, society was going through the beginnings of an industrial revolution. The themes present in Victorian jewellery captures that feeling.

When we craft a ring inspired by the Victorian era, we often use golds and blacks, along with solitaire diamonds for stunning, unique vintage ring that can’t be found from any other era.

Edwardian Era

The beginnings of the Edwardian era saw the rise of platinum in jewellery, which remains popular even today. Jewellery from this period relied heavily on the strength that platinum provides.

This means that this vintage engagement rings are extremely delicate and light. In addition, these pieces featured as many diamonds as possible. Some of these designs also used sapphires, aquamarines, and green demantoid garnets.

Additionally, a new type of decorative enhancement called “milgraining” was used extensively during this period. Milgraining involves a small border of platinum beads set around the edges of a piece of jewellery that adds a soft, elegant look.

Vintage engagement rings we craft that are inspired by the Edwardian era are extremely delicate and light. With the aid of more modern technology, we can make these delicate, airy rings even more delicate and beautiful.

Art Nouveau Period

The Art Nouveau period came about as an artistic revolt against the technologies created in the industrial age. The rings that came from this time were always hand-crafted and creatively designed. These vintage engagement rings captured the essence of the female form.

Instead of using diamonds as center pieces, these rings used moonstones, opal, and agate. When diamonds were used, it was as an accent. Many Japanese themes, such as nature, birds, and even dragons were commonly used as well.

The most important technique to come out of this time was enameling. This art was truly perfected, and often used “plique a jour”, which was a technique that resulted in a stained glass-like effect.

Art Deco Era

The Art Deco era came about as a result of World War I. Women were needed to take over men’s roles, and also gained increased independence through the right to vote. This new independence ushered in a new attitude that was reflected in the jewellery created at the time.

Art Deco era engagement ring emphasizes bold, geometric designs. Straight lines in both rings and gemstones were often used. Calibre cut sapphires, rubies, and emeralds were used to add splashes of colour. Black onyx and red coral were often used to accentuate colours. White gold & rose gold were also used heavily.

The custom vintage engagement rings we create that are inspired by the era feature the straight, clean lines that were common. We use gorgeous cuts on sapphires, rubies, and emeralds to fully represent the themes of the time.

Retro Era

Hollywood and its glamour began the influence of retro jewellery. It is big, bold, and three dimensional. Large emerald cut semi-precious gemstones were the stars of the era. In particular, amethyst, aquamarine, and citrine were used.

They were often accented by smaller diamonds and calibre cut rubies and sapphires. Due to a shortage of platinum brought on by World War II, gold became the metal of choice.

Retro-inspired vintage engagement rings we create are bold and bigger than life. We use big gemstones to create a powerful impact, all supported by gorgeous, flowing gold halo bands.

Whatever era you love, you’re sure to find a vintage engagement ring that inspires the confidence that you feel. Contact us now to see our selection of vintage style engagement rings, or start creating your own custom engagement ring in Toronto.

Discover the allure of vintage engagement rings that exude timeless elegance. Our collection of vintage engagement rings Canada features meticulously restored and handcrafted rings, capturing the essence of bygone eras. Embrace the romance and nostalgia of these exceptional pieces, each carrying a unique love story that will be treasured for generations.


A vintage engagement ring refers to a ring that was created in a previous era, typically 20 years or older, and carries historical significance. These rings often feature intricate designs, unique craftsmanship, and may showcase specific artistic styles popular during the time of their creation. Vintage engagement ring offers a touch of nostalgia and timeless beauty, allowing couples to embrace the charm and romance of the past.

You can buy vintage engagement rings from various sources. One option is to visit reputable engagement ring stores specializing in vintage and estate jewelry. Another option is to explore online platforms and marketplaces that specialize in vintage jewelry, where you can browse through a wide range of options from different eras. It’s essential to research and choose trustworthy sellers who provide detailed information and authenticity guarantees to ensure you’re getting a genuine vintage engagement ring.

Vintage lab created diamond engagement rings offer timeless beauty, unique designs, and a sense of history. They stand out from modern styles and carry a romantic connection to the past. By choosing a vintage ring, you make a sustainable and eco-friendly choice, giving new life to a pre-loved piece rather than supporting new mining and production. Embrace the allure of vintage for an elegant and meaningful statement.

The price of vintage rings can vary. While some vintage style engagement rings may be more affordable than new ones, others with unique features or historical significance can command higher prices. Consider your budget and explore different sources to find a vintage engagement ring that suits your preferences and financial requirements.

The main difference between vintage and classic engagement rings lies in their time of creation and design. Vintage engagement rings are typically from a previous era, showcasing unique and intricate designs that capture the essence of a specific time period. Classic engagement rings, on the other hand, refer to timeless designs that have maintained popularity over the years, often featuring simpler and more traditional styles.

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